Where we invest.

Our Data Analytics team conducts ongoing, multifaceted analyses of traditional and non-traditional data, to identify the markets positioned to outperform traditional gateways and the United States, overall. They look for markets that can capture the highest quality components of GDP growth and that demonstrate specific characteristics that drive ongoing expansion.

Our value platform.

Our deep experience and sophisticated technology allow us to invest with conviction across asset classes and the capital stack. We add value by leveraging lessons learned, applying insights gained in near real time from our portfolio and through predictive analytics to pivot business plans, optimize upside, while reducing risk.

Pennybacker Evergreen.

    We invest in carefully selected neighborhoods, pinpointing the low-density assets that we believe are most likely to benefit from the positive momentum related to population growth, highly educated workforces, and corporate relocations and expansions. Here, our technology gives us a distinct advantage, enabling us to see market trends ahead of our competitors. We use this intelligence to identify, track and ultimately acquire income-producing assets to hold over ten to fifteen-plus years.

    Trust in our team.

    We're investing in sustainable growth markets, driven by a blend of real estate experience and proprietary data insights. All in the name of helping you achieve the greatest possible return.

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