Expanding opportunities
through infrastructure

At Pennybacker, we see an ongoing convergence in real assets, and believe that the exponential growth of our peers has created a lower to middle market opportunity in which we can unlock exciting value-add opportunities to drive returns for our partners.

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To pursue these opportunities, we’ve built a differentiated team of dedicated infrastructure investment professionals with extensive real assets industry and investing experience — and we back this group up with the full capabilities of the Pennybacker Way. 

Our culture of innovation enables a customer-centric, solutions-oriented approach marked by:


Close collaboration between infrastructure team members, management, and end-customers that delivers positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


Our partner-first philosophy, encompassing our operating partners, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes across ecosystems.

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PCIP solution

Our infrastructure platform, Pennybacker Critical Infrastructure Partners (PCIP), leverages a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets that are uniquely positioned to uncover gaps and adjacencies across the underserved, lower-to-middle infrastructure landscape. 

We are looking to partner with founders and management teams to provide a capital solution, and more, to help them grow contracted and real-asset intensive infrastructure businesses.

We differ from our peers in our ability to leverage the full breadth of our real asset investment platforms as well as Pennybacker αlpha™. We also deploy purpose-built and custom investment solutions through our partners, including:

  • Specialized management teams in need of growth capital.
  • High-growth infrastructure businesses with a rich operating history to leverage.
  • Partners interested in long-term contractual cash flows and a robust opportunity pipeline.
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Showing our work

Cambrian Innovation

15 Main Street
Watertown, MA
August 2023
Wastewater treatment + reuse
energy recovery as-a-service

Cambrian makes distributed water reuse simple, sustainable, and cost-effective. Their planet-first thinking to protect natural resources and transform property possibilities through scalable technology aligns with our infrastructure strategy.