Value investment strategy

Relentlessly pursue deep value and fundamentally mismanaged or undercapitalized real estate assets


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Analytical and data-driven approach

We utilize our robust investment platform, data-driven processes, and hands-on collaborative culture to source and optimize value-add investments. Our investment process is underpinned by Pennybacker α, which captures market data and institutional learnings to inform investment decisions and underwriting.


Established investment sourcing

Our ability to access situational and complex deal flow is supported by the firm’s strength and experience identifying value, analyzing outcomes, and creating quality in a wide range of scenarios. We thoroughly examine supply and demand characteristics, identifying submarket condition imbalances that present the opportunity for value-add investments. Our professionals bring experience in real estate investment management, real estate development, property management, bankruptcy workouts, traditional and distressed real estate debt security valuation, investment banking, and traditional debt and credit underwriting.

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Expertise in identifying value and mitigating risk

All investment decisions are based upon specific project and market support and quantifiable asset-level risks. We focus on middle-market, repositioning, and situational opportunities in need of capital and active management within our value-add strategy. We pursue investment opportunities after solving real or perceived problems, such as inadequate parking, building vacancy, or issues with the real estate or capital structure. We are early adopters of new technologies that enhance overall tenant experience, increase efficiency and are aimed at driving value at the property level.

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Operationally-intensive management

Our approach to real estate asset management, leasing, operations, and capital improvement implementation is operationally-intensive.  We leverage our team’s specialized expertise in owning and operating a variety of value-add property types, ensuring that our collaborative, analytical approach results in a focus on quality for our tenants as well as on favorable returns for our limited partners.