Christina Samellas, CPA

Manager, Fund Accounting

Christina Samellas is responsible for the management and execution of fund accounting. Her duties include reviewing and coordinating the preparation of the financial statements with the third-party administrator, managing the flow of funds into and out of investments, preparing and reviewing investor reporting requests, and assisting with the preparation of fund tax returns.

Prior to Pennybacker, Christina was an Associate at Varagon Capital Partners, where she executed all investment transactions, oversaw third-party administrators, and prepared investor reporting and presentations. As Varagon is an asset manager that lends directly to middle market companies, Christina has extensive experience in maintaining accounting records for credit funds. Prior to Varagon, Christina worked as an Account Manager at Cortland Capital Market Services, a third-party fund administrator that currently serves as one of Pennybacker’s fund administrators, and pioneered the credit fund division. Prior to Cortland, Christina was employed by Ernst & Young as an Assurance Senior in their Banking & Capital Markets division, working on the firm’s largest publicly-traded audit client in the banking sector.

Christina received a Master of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Bentley University, graduating Magna Cum Laude from her undergraduate program.