About Pennybacker Capital

In 2006, the partners at Pennybacker Capital identified the opportunity to build a fundamentally better real estate private equity firm with a non-traditional team addressing a void in the middle-market; a firm combining hands-on operational expertise in addition to institutional risk management systems.  This premise, coupled with a relentless focus on value investing, provided the catalyst for the business to evolve from a full-integrated commercial real estate operator to a fund sponsor serving institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals, and wealth management advisors.  

Pennybacker Capital and its predecessor companies have a proven fourteen-year track record investing in and/or operating over 135 commercial and multifamily real estate properties located throughout the United States, and have sponsored four discretionary real estate private equity funds.

Pennybacker Capital invests in and operates middle-market multifamily, retail, office and industrial assets in sustainable U.S. growth markets.  Pennybacker Capital targets mismanaged, miscapitalized, or other situationally distressed properties and debt instruments that are complex, off-market, and/or undervalued.

Pennybacker Capital seeks to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns for limited partners primarily by targeting investments that possess a margin of economic safety due to an attractive cost basis below historical replacement cost, and the ability to generate cash flow and residual value enhancement potential through active asset management, value-add capital improvements, lease-up, and identifying and creating operating efficiencies.